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What a ridiculous idea

I've seen some crazy ideas in my time, but that's just insane.

The main problem here is cyclists and the many ruining it for the few. Undertaking, breaking red lights and wearing earphones are the most common offences and it just makes other road users' blood boil to the extent they just don't care any more.

I saw five cyclists go through a red light in the City the other morning whilst one other guy remained sat at the stop line. We exchanged a glance and he just shrugged his shoulders. It is people like him who suffers whilst the majority of others jump around, ignoring rules & regulations and winding up all the drivers around him. By the time it is his turn to work his way through the traffic, the other 5 have pissed everybody enough to not want to let him though and he's faced with aggressive drivers everywhere he goes.

I'm not sure what the solution is, I'd personally insist on some form of proficiency test before giving cyclists any form of legal protection. I'd also make wearing earphones whilst cycling a criminal offence, whatever they think it is not the same as having the radio on in the car.

Your proposal may have one positive side however, for pedestrians. I have to take evasive action most days as I am forced to avoid red-light cyclists who come through whilst I am crossing the road at the green man. Under your legislation, cyclists would be liable for any collision with a pedestrian. There would be many and, at this point, they'd need plenty of insurance. This would hopefully price many of them back off the roads.

Ben Rose more than 3 years ago

Culture change

There is a lot of what you say I agree with, however, we need to make people use the roads differently to how they are doing currently.
The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the weapon so responsibility has to be greater. Too many drivers of large vehicles use the power-of-mass to bully their way through ignorant to the consequences until it is too late. I think this change would make them think more about how they drive, and the challenges faced by other road users, even before they start driving.

Sales Initiative more than 3 years ago

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