The impact of education on success

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The impact of education on success

Thank you, great blog! I found the stats really interesting but not surprising. The more attention given to education, particularly in sales, the more we will raise the professional practice within organisations.

It would be fantastic to have a greater level of education at schools, but in truth i wonder if this mightn't happen in the UK until it is recognised at a professional level. For years industry professionals in fields such as procurement, marketing, accountancy etc have not only been able to attain a professional and academic qualification, but their participation in such a course has set a benchmark or standard of professionalism, recognisable industry wide.

I am the CEO of an SME Sales Training organisation and business education, specifically in the professional sales arena is a subject that i am very passionate about; in fact Consalia have been working with Middlesex University, for the past six years to bring about what has just been launched as the UK's first in-house work based Masters programmes for Sales.

As part of this, Consalia were recently mentioned in an article relating to education with Sales; the article appeared in the pull-out Raconteur, The Times Newspaper. (link below)

Interestingly, there are a few testimonials on p.10 including the VP Global Strategic Sales Engagement at Atos who attributes a 4x increase in salary to a Masters programme he undertook through Consalia. Certainly i would largely attribute the success of my company to a professional doctorate i undertook a number of years ago.

So i completely agree that Sales would benefit fantastically from integration at a tertiary level, but i anticipate it is an industry that must first attain the same levels or standards set by industries with regulation.

For those that are interested, below is a link to view our two masters programmes: for Sales Leaders, and Sales Professionals

I look forward to seeing your and others' comments as to their experiences from education in business.

Philip Squire more than 4 years ago

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