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The BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) methodology for qualifying leads is well known to most salespeople... more

20 Jul 2015 12:00 Sales Technique

If you’re not happy with the outputs of your sales efforts – or are unsure if they could be more effective – how do you plan where to put your resources in order to improve? more

8 Jun 2015 00:00 Sales Technique

As a director of a B2B telemarketing agency, on a regular basis we have people approaching us who know their telemarketing activities... more

4 May 2015 15:00 Sales Technique

Organising the data for your CRM is one of the fundamental building blocks to ensuring it is successfully adopted by the users it’s intended for. more

30 Mar 2015 00:00 Sales Technique

The Christmas build up is well underway, so what does that mean for B2B lead generation? more

15 Dec 2014 00:00 Sales Technique

The National Sales Exhibition to me has always been an exciting platform to interact with like-minded and influential people in one place. more

1 Oct 2014 00:00 People

Are you a B2B telemarketer who is sick of hearing the line, “I’m sorry Mike Parry cannot take your call right now”. more

15 Sep 2014 00:00 Sales Technique

Telemarketing can be one of the most successful approaches to lead generation in a B2B environment in terms of return on investment and coverage... more

1 Sep 2014 00:00 Sales Technique 1 Comments