As door-to-door promoters of a book club we were used to working in all weathers. A good barometer of a salesperson’s attitude was how affected they were by external factors... more

8 Dec 2014 00:00 Sales Technique

George was the first rep I visited clients with when I joined a new company as sales manager. It was my first job in this particular sector so I had a lot to learn. more

17 Nov 2014 00:00 Sales Technique

Sometimes sales is all about keeping that we furnace of hope inside lit. Sure, you need more than hope. But without it, things can be harder. more

20 Oct 2014 00:00 Sales Technique

“You don’t have to do anything.” This was the kind of boss we’d like. It was Bill’s first address to the Scottish office since being parachuted in as regional manager. more

13 Oct 2014 00:00 Sales Technique

As door-to-door salesmen in the 1980s, we all developed habits both good and bad. Some developed their own mutation of the company presentation, which always made them seem suspect... more

6 Oct 2014 00:00 Sales Technique

I’ve always been impressed by a good presentation. The first sales presentation I was ever shown was a full script, which we had to learn word-for-word. more

29 Sep 2014 00:00 Sales Technique

Certainly, sales people who can paint a picture so vivid that their prospective client can see it, have a great skill. Such skills can be taught. more

8 Sep 2014 00:00 Sales Technique

While being able to engage people in a positive, lively and enthusiastic manner will open doors, you need real substance underneath all that to keep these doors open year after year. more

8 Aug 2014 13:00 Sales Technique

I know I have written about customer retention before but, really, surely it is the easiest part of the sales process? more

8 Aug 2014 09:00 Toolbox

As with lots of things in life, sometimes the oldies are just the best and I think nothing is truer than that old-fashioned saying that ‘people buy people.’ more

8 Aug 2014 09:00 Sales Technique

Well-honed sales skills are not only useful for salesmen, they are also useful for buyers. The same skills apply. Both seller and buyer at times are selling an idea, a course of action, a reason to do something. more

8 Aug 2014 09:00 Sales Technique

We got notice of the big annual prize, a week in sunny Florida. Each week we’d receive, through the post, the league tables. more

21 Jul 2014 14:10 Sales Technique

We were selling payphone contracts to retailers in the early 1990s, just after the de-regulation of Telecoms industry, and Joe was having a bad month. more

18 Jul 2014 11:30 Sales Technique

As a PA or EA soon becomes aware, they will have to field countless cold-calls from sales people trying to gain the ear of the boss, especially when that person holds the company’s financial purse strings. more

18 Jul 2014 09:00 Training

It all started out so well, a sales pitch straight out off a sales professionals ‘must-do’ handbook and, naturally, it worked a treat… to begin with! more

17 Jul 2014 15:00 Training

Is honesty the best policy? Something that we often struggle with in business, particularly as a PA/EA as an inevitable part of the job. more

17 Jul 2014 11:00 Training

A lack of closes should not make you panic, says sales training guru Tony Morris. more

14 Aug 2013 13:16 Opinions

Dragon or door-opener, harridan or helper? Your mission is to get past the Gatekeepers and here's some advice on how not to do it. more

27 Jun 2013 13:23 Training

The only agony uncle happy to reduce you to tears to make you wake up and smell the success… more

26 Jun 2013 10:00 Opinions

Our veteran of the good 'ol days of selling recalls the frenetic chase for numbers and a manager's tough decisions. more

10 Jun 2013 12:25 Sales Technique