Nick Bailey


This book is mainly aimed at helping people who are selling high value... more


The answer is ‘maybe’ and I am going to explain why and how it should do, but firstly... more


Having the right ‘Mindset’ is in my opinion the single biggest swing factor in the personal attributes of any successful person whether they be in Sales, Sports or any other endeavour that requires... more


For me, ‘business rapport’ is typified by a trusting open relationship where a candid and honest exchange of views can take place to explore mutually interesting outcomes. more

Sales Technique

I begin this part of my seminars and sales training courses by asking the following question: “How many people in the room like working all the hours possible... more


To be a success in Sales you need all of the attributes that have been offered in previous articles by some great authors such as resilience, persistence, tenacity, knowledge etc. but what is going to MOTIVATE you? more