Shweta Jhajharia

Is selling the same for men and women? Leadership expert Shweta Jhajharia offers tips on how women can excel in sales more

6 Nov 2017 09:00 Motivation

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23 Oct 2017 09:00 Motivation

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16 Nov 2016 10:00 Sales Technique

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30 Aug 2016 16:00 Leadership & Coaching

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5 Jan 2016 00:00 Sales Technique

The results of Richard Wiseman's experiment are widely known; 88% of those who set New Year's resolutions fail to achieve them. more

14 Dec 2015 00:00 Leadership & Coaching

What makes a good strategic alliance partner? more

13 Aug 2015 00:00 Leadership & Coaching

Are you focusing on the right activities to drive your business forward? How to tell what is working and where to put your effort. more

24 Jun 2015 00:00 Sales Technique

Regular quarterly reviews of your business plan are a crucial if you want fast, sustainable growth. more

27 May 2015 00:00 Sales Technique

It’s important to understand that there is a difference between a leader, with a vision, and the person who actually makes that vision happen. more

5 May 2015 00:00 Leadership & Coaching

Discounting – it’s a common reaction when sales are taking a dive. more

27 Apr 2015 00:00 Sales Technique

With Sales you either meet your targets or you get fired. Staff are constantly under pressure, and are constantly facing rejection. more

9 Mar 2015 00:00 Leadership & Coaching

Nearly 80% of leads never turn into a sale – that’s according to MarketingSherpa. That's a huge number of leads you have to filter through – and a huge amount of time spent on people who will never buy. more

2 Feb 2015 00:00 Sales Technique

Running a business often means taking risks – but these shouldn’t be random risks. They need to be calculated – in other words you need to ensure they actually aren’t that risky at all! more

24 Nov 2014 00:00 Leadership & Coaching

According to Shweta Jhajharia, founder of The London Coaching Group, you first need to understand the three essential qualities of a successful sales person, and then you need to ask the right questions when interviewing candidates. more

10 Nov 2014 00:00 Leadership & Coaching

Is your mind-set holding back your marketing? more

22 Sep 2014 00:00 Sales Technique

Six tips to prevent important tasks falling through the cracks from Shweta Jhajharia founder of The London Coaching Group. more

18 Jul 2014 10:53 Opinions