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Wise words, but not all true.

If the only person you listened to on selling was Neil Rackham you would not go far wrong. His above advice is both wise and worthy.

But, DO SELL ON PRICE. IBM [Who Competed head to head with me in the 1980's] did sell on Price! They used up to 40% discounts on their infamous VPA 's (Volume Purchase Agreements).

There is no shame in selling on Price, if thats all you have and a cost structure that supports it [Ask EasyJet why BA could not operate GO].

There is no Pride in LOSING a sale because you would not offer a Discount, that you could afford, to match a Market Place Price, its just foolish.

Sell to earn Revenue, not protect Marketing's poor Pricing Policy and Margin 'targets'.

Paying for success is not just with employees, its with Customers as well!

Brian MacIver more than 3 years ago

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