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Epicene Sales Unit of tomorrow

I have a small theory that I would like to present as to how ‘sales’ has changed in the real world today.

A decade back, all business units were disassociated and integration was a 'good to have' factor. Not just B2C but also B2B sales was driven on the assumption that sales is about getting the foot in the door. With the Oligopolistic market, this strategy worked really well. A sales person's primary duty was to initiate the process of sale post which most industries depended on the business inertia to take care of customer retention. Customers bought products and not services.

Today integration is key to any business. Information availability has caused the customer to be more aware and thus also picky. We have come to a stage where offerings are end to end services and not products providing those services. As Kevin Spacey articulated it very aptly at the James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival; aired content is today indiscriminable to viewers as they can view in a Theatre, on television, Ipad or mobile device. This has resulted in emergence of a new KPI in the mind-sets of customers; 'continuous customer service and improvement'. No product thus is an end in itself.

In this scenario the seller also needs to provide a contact opportunity as a promise of being available to the customer and regular upgrades preventing the product to be obsolete and thereby retaining customers. The challenge now for the Sales unit is create a non-broadcast, one-to-one communication which, by nature, is less aggressive, more informative and thus more epicene.

The Marketing division in Europe is fairly populated by competent women and it’s time for the Sales divisions to have same parity reflected. The BESMA was definitely an evidence of the changing structures and the shift the sales outlook it has forged. Going forward, we wish to see a decline in the gender centric sales approach and find more inclusion in this department throughout industries.

Pradipto Bhowmick more than 3 years ago

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