We were born to sell!



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LOVE this!

Love how you hit on how the image of a salesperson has changed... the salesperson today must not only sell their client on the product or service provided, but the client must also be sold on the salesperson.

With the amount of information available to consumers today, the role of the salesperson MUST change. Where a customer used to have to come into a store to get info on a TV, or had to go into the car dealership to get information on a particular vehicle, the consumer can now, with the click of a mouse get more information about a product/service than most salespeople know about the product themselves.

Now, the salesperson MUST add value to the transaction, they must provide UNREAL amounts of service, an INCREDIBLE attitude, and instill in the buyer that the faith that the after-sale service will be unparalleled.

Few sales people even venture into the realm of providing an "out of this world" customer experience. Saying that the sales person is dead paints an awful grim picture of the profession... instead I tend to look at the flip side of things... to the OPPORTUNITY that exists for that top 1%... those select few who both acknowledge an understand the role of a sales person today, those who through diligent training, refine their craft to deliver at WOW levels with every client in every transaction.

Jarrod more than 5 years ago

LOVE IT !!!!

Thank you David for a good blog post, this is so true....We were all born to sell and this natural instinct has been groomed out of us by society, media, parents, friends etc.... I'm ready to be re-born! cant wait to read more of your posts!

Sherry Callaghan more than 5 years ago


Dude! Love the comparison about an animal taken out of the wild! Brilliant! Thank you for a solid call to action as well! Solid post with a paradigm shift for us all!

David Bradley more than 5 years ago

Born to connect

Hi david.
Good post thank you. I agree with you that we are born to sell in that we all desire a result of some kind , whether that be getting that ice cream or selling 5000 shares of raw metal on the exchange!
The interesting add on from my point of view to your article is the behavior that drives the decision to buy, in relation to how we are sold to.
The question for me therefore
Whar was the difference between the 1st "can I have an ice cream " which resulted in a NO response and the 7th time which resulted in the Yes response. I know traditionally we will look to logical reasons like body language, tone etc but that is flawed for me
The truth is more likely to be the fact that there was a connection of some kind the 7th time. Buying the why as Simon S Illustrates so well
Lets Take a Nokia phone vs an iphone. Both pretty
much the same product (phone) but sold very differently in terms of the delivery of information. Nokia start from outside in ( logic aka the 1st ice cream question )
"Hi I'm here from Nokia. This phone contains 32gb memory and can last a full 26 hours on a normal battery usage. Our Qualified designers are experts in their field and.have developed state of the art technology to bring this to market. Wanna buy one?"
"we believe in improving your life and making it easier , and believe this phone will give you complete control . Our passionate team live a breath in the belief that they can improve the world around them by developing products such as this. Wanna buy one?"
Same product - different delivery. Nokia dart with the wgat(logic) and apple start with the why(emotion)
My conclusion is that we are born to sell but the quicker you connect the quicker you sell, thetefore we are born to connect and to get people to believe what we believe !
Thanks for opening the can!

Stephen Brady more than 5 years ago

Born to connect

good post David Thank you.
I agree we are all born to sell in respect of the fact that we desire a result of some kind, whether that be an ice cream fro mum or 5000 shares of rare metal on the stock exchange
The interesting add on to what you wrote from my point of view is what drove the behaviour to buy?
Question- What was the difference between the 1st time "can i have an ice cream mum" which resulted in a NO answer and the 7th time which resulted in a YES answer.
Traditionally you will be probably explained that perhaps the tone was different, the body language was different etc but we are just kidding ourselves. My guess is that the 7th time involved a connection of some sort. I would therefore say that we are born to connect, and we buy once connected. (As Simon Sinek illustrates so very well )
Apple phone vs Nokia Phone. Both are basically the same product (phone) yet the delivery of information when selling or marketing the product is vastly different. One starts from the outside in and the other from the inside out
Nokia. I am here to present this Nokia Phone. It contains 32gb of memory and can last up to 28 hours without a battery charge using average usage. Our expert team of qualified IT specialists have deleloped the product over a number of years using state of the art technology. Wanna buy one?
Apple. Hi, we believe in improving the world around you. We believe that this phone will improve your life and put you in complete control. Our team are passionbate about making a difference and live and breath each day to make your life easier. This phone will do that. Wanna buy one?
Same product. Different delivery. One started with the what (logic) and the otehr with the why (emotion). And of of course we buy the why.
The challenge therefore is to get people to believe what you believe.
The 7th icecream question would have been different because it made a connection. Subconsciously the girl added emotional buy in and the mother, of course bought. We are born to sell, but the quicker we connect the quicker we sell. Problem is most sales people do not connect and try to improve logically ( tone, body language, closing techniques ) instead of emotionally ( connected to the why, complete belief in the product ).
thanks mate for opening the can!

Stephen Brady more than 5 years ago

Beep Beep passing through!

I like how you commanded me to write on your blog! very much anchoring what you are saying here. Indeed I agree with the element of fear and rejection being imposed upon on many of us throughout childhood.
However I beg to differ that the salesperson is dead.

A bold statement being backed up by what research? Some of the best companies will teach you the 7 rejections rule. Great sellers have no fear of rejection, not everybody is a born salesperson? you're not leaving room for individuality, are we all wired the same way? No! What about the obedient child who understands no means no?

I don't think it's weak salespeople selling in the same way that is killing the saleperson. We were not as exposed to the salesman/woman say in the 70s and 80s the way we are now. The knowledge to understand the psychology of sales wasn't as accessible or exercised so freqently.

'a ruthless, relentless, fearless selling and closing machine! Implement this into your working life now and watch your income grow!'

I agree with the above statement!

Dana Taylor more than 5 years ago

Great Post

Thanks for an excellent and inspiring read David. This gets right to the heart of what selling's all about. Being yourself, being focused, passionate and determined will always win over a salesman trained to "hard-sell", whatever that means. Mind you, if I'd asked my Dad for an ice cream 8 times I'd have had a whack round the head...

Jonny Cooper more than 5 years ago

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