5 Ways to lose a sale



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Like you list ... the one that stands out for me ...
"Do what you say you’re going to do." is one that I know kills many salespeople. If you make a promise you have to keep it. It builds trust.
One of the biggest compliments I ever got was from one of toughest buyers in Sydney. I had promised him a quote by close of business on Friday. I worked in importing and we ran into a few problems getting freight costs and finalising our costs. I called this buyer at 4.20pm on Friday afternoon just to say to him don't worry there's been a delay but I'll have your quote to you in 20-30 minutes. He said, "I wasn't worried Greg. You told me you'd have it to me by 5pm and I knew you would." Not surprisingly I sold more to that company than any of my predecessors.

Greg Woodley 161 days ago

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