Chris Merrington

If you have clients or customers it is important to think about how you may need to develop your relationships for the future. more

Sales Technique

For many companies their overheads are increasing each year yet they daren't increase their prices. It's hardly surprising that many companies see their profitability declining. more

Sales Technique

Why do we accept poor briefs? We assume the client knows what they want. In reality clients know their business (hopefully) but won't be experts at our business. more

Sales Technique

We sales people are not highly regarded by most people. Many clients are mistrusting of sales people having had their fingers burnt in the past. So one of the priorities of sales people is to build trust. Tricks don't build trust. more

Sales Technique

Busyness is like a disease. It gets worse over time. It's easy to work more hours than ever before whilst not being as productive as we should be. Why do we do this? What causes it? more

Sales Technique

Sales industry author Chris Merrington believes you can waste too many hours talking to the wrong people. more

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Do you find that your clients and customers want more for less? Business author Chris Merrington looks at how to respond to challenging times and equally challenging client budgets. more