Kieran Hearty

How many great ideas do you have that never get off the ground? How often have you thought ‘if I did X it would it help me/my team increase sales’ – and yet you’ve never quite got round to it? more

Leadership & Coaching

How do you react when you see a typo? Do you indulge in frowning, head-shaking, eye-rolling and mutterings about how second-rate the author of the typo is? And perhaps more importantly, how does your client or new prospect react? more

Sales Technique

Making the leap from the sales floor to the management office and finally to the fancy director’s chair requires you to leap a number of leadership chasms. more

Leadership & Coaching

Kieran Hearty, author of ‘How to Eat the Elephant in the Room’ calls this ‘quarkiness’. And he believes that by understanding ‘quarkiness’ we can ensure we have a motivated team. more

Leadership & Coaching